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    地 址:浙江省溫州市瑞安市上望街道聽潮路66號C21-2(置信工業園)
    郵 編:325200 
    手 機:13587961166 
    電 話:0577-65578986 
    傳 真:0577-65578980
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    我公司是專業從事研發,生產制藥機械、食品機械的科技型企業。公司擁有一批高素質的科技、管理人才,技術實力雄厚,加工設備精良,檢測手段完善,在同行中率先通過中國知名品牌認證,能確保為顧客提供國內領先并符合 GMP 要求的制藥設備。產品暢銷全國各地,并出口歐洲、越南、東南亞、非洲、朝
    Our company is a technological company, which specializes in developing and producing  pharmaceutical machinery and food machinery. The company possesses a group of high quality  scientific and technological talents and management personnel, strong technology strength,exquisite processing equipment and complete detection means. It has taken the lead in passing China famous brand identification in this field, ensuring that it can provide the pharmaceutical equipment with domestic advanced technology for customers, which meets withGMP requirement.
    The machine is popular in foreign and domestic users. It sells well all over the country, and it is exported to Europe, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Africa, North Korea, Pakistan and other countries.
    Gaobo is committed to adhering to technological innovation, promoting famous-brand strategy,providing high-quality product, and offering first-class service. We are waiting for friends from allwalks of life to visit us and cooperate with us sincerely.
    滿足您的更多需求我們希望與我們的產品接觸的每個客戶都能了解我們產品的特性并正確,安全地使用它們??茖W管理始終貫穿于我們產品開發,生產,存儲,運輸,使用和加工的過程。 這一觀念的成功實施是高波全體員工的責任。 我們的銷售和技術團隊將盡力幫助您創造更多和更新的價值。 提供更專業的服務。
    Meet your more needs.We hope that every customer who comes into contact with our products can understand the characteristics of our products and use them correctly and safely.Scientific management always runs through the process of our product development, production, storage, transportation, use and processing. The successful implementation of this concept is the responsibility of all GAOBO Employee. Our sales and technical team will try their best to help you create more and updated value. Provide more professional services.
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